Walter Bagehot's driver's license

by Kurt Schuler August 13th, 2012 9:50 pm

Even though Walter Bagehot died in 1877, before the age of the automobile, for $200 he (or you) can still buy a fake driver's license. While he's at it, maybe he can go vote. I look forward to seeing driver's licenses for other long-dead proponents of free banking. Adam Smith, however, might have a harder time picking up a six-pack of beer or talking his way out of a speeding ticket because his 18th-century wig looks a tad more out of place today than Bagehot's impressive 19th-century beard does. (Thanks to Bill Stepp for the tip.)

For a more serious take on modern technology, see my next post.

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  1. avatar Warren says:

    Hey Economist article writer how about a lot less government mucking about in our lives so that we can get by with little or no ID?

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